How much for a custom ring?

Custom bands start at $375

How long should I expect to wait?  

This mostly just depends. Typically 30 days, but we can speed it up in some cases.

How do I know my size?

Go to a local jewelry store and get sized for a wide band. (Even a walmart jewelry dept can assist you!)

Do you give refunds?

Unfortunately, no. But we’ll do our best to correct the fit or alter the ring to get it perfected. For the rings purchased directly from our website, we offer exchanges or credit for a future purchase, also transferrable to Liz P. Jewelry and Primitive Precision.

What are your rings made of?

We specialize in using a mixture of sterling silver, stainless steel, titanium, damascus, brass and copper. And we love the opportunity to add in gold too!

How long have you been making rings for?

Since 2011

Are you guys married?

No, but we have two kids, Eisen (5) and Camille (2) and each others first initials tattooed on our rings fingers, so there’s that.