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Meet the Craftspeople

We are Hans Early-Nelson and Liz Parent, Northeast Minneapolis metalsmithing duo and founders of Anvil Vibe. Our rings are forged for your life, one at a time, and made to last.

As metalworking creativepreneurs we decided to join forces and go beyond our metalworking and jewelry careers to fulfill the demand for a different kind of wedding ring. Together we create custom non-traditional designs through a process of organically grown inspiration that melds the craft of metalsmithing with the collaborative fabrication and forging techniques that Liz and Hans bring to the bench and anvil.

We love to use our clients’ inherited pieces and are always open to creating with metals that have some kind of history or story behind them- so never hesitate to ask!

Handcrafted since 2011

Friends and family made ring making seem like an obvious next step for us, but it wasn’t until we were asked by a relative to make a copper ring that it set us down the path of designing and working collaboratively.

Using base metals such as sterling silver, copper, brass, stainless steel, titanium and damascus are the cornerstone of what we do- but we love the opportunity to incorporate gold too!

Where we work

We have two separate workspaces. Liz’s jewelry studio is conveniently located in our home at the Artspace Jackson Flats located in heart of Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. Hans works from his metalshop in North Minneapolis.  

Our Process

Our process is a journey. We transform found objects and metals into unique combinations of texture, shape and color. Just the act of creating a ring is a powerful accomplishment, but we usually don’t settle for simple everytime. Our combinations of materials, which are sometimes not possible to weld or solder require creative ingenuity that is only borne in the process itself. We love to create new designs with clients and strive to craft the ring of your dreams.